Nutaku Gold Hack – a fully automated app to generate an unlimited amount of coins to Nutaku games for free. Don’t you believe it? Read the article below and use our Nutaku Hack and you will see how easy it is to cheat in Nutaku games.

How to hack in Nutaku games?

Image shows Nutaku Gold Hack website url

VISIST OUR GENERATOR PAGE – click on one of the buttons redirecting to our generator page or use the generator built-in this site.

Image shows Nutaku Gold Generator username
TYPE YOUR USERNAME – enter your username or e-mail you used to register to original page. We don’t need your password to do our magic and add you coins!
Image shows Nutaku Gold Cheat Tool (selecting amount of Gold)
SELECT AMOUNT OF GOLD – now you need to select amount of gold that you want to get on your account. You can choose between 500 and 30000 coins. Unfortunately, we can’t add you more than 30 thousands, but you can use the tool one more time to add.
Image shows Nutaku Gold Hack generate button
CLICK ON GENERATE BUTTON – make sure If you have written correct username and if everything is okay click on the button to start the process.

The program will now by trying to add the amount of gold you have chosen. We recommend not to use the maximum amount, as the effectiveness rate will be less than on lower gold amounts. Be patient! The process takes between 1 and 5 minutes depending on our how much gold did want to add and the number of people who are actually using the Nutaku Gold Hack. On the end, you will need to complete a verification test to check if you aren’t a bot. We already had a couple of DDoS attacks on our generator site and someone overused our generator. After that, the tool wasn’t working as the Nutaku changed their security system. Fortunately, we managed to break it again and you can still enjoy using our app! In the verification, you need to complete a quick survey.


If you don’t get gold to your account within 20 minutes, it means our tool failed to add your resources. But don’t worry, try one more time with a less gold amount to add. It usually not happens, but due to overload, there’s sometimes a gap in server availability.


 FAQ of Nutaku Hack

What games can I hack with Nutaku Hack?

All games of course! We are just adding gold to your account, which you can later spend on every game you want such as:
Harem Heroes, Attack On Moe H, Fake Lay, Kamihime PROJECT R, Crystal Maidens, Booty Calls, Ultra Adventure! Go Go – Osawari Island
Crush Crush Moist & Uncensored , Mononofu: Battle Princess of White Lily, Pussy Saga, PeroPero Seduction, Flower Knight Girl, Fap Titans, Pocket Waifu, Taps Of Eradine, Kingdoms Of Lust, Sweet State, Bitch Hunter, Big Bang Empire, Dragon Providence, Girls On Tanks, Phantasma: Wand & Wood, Armor Blitz, Brave Girl Ravens xR, Everlasting Summer, Narborion , Throne Of Legends and many other Nutaku productions. Full games list available to hack is listed at!

I have no surveys in my offers list. What to do?

If you have no offers in your country, it means that you must somehow get around the system – change your IP address to another country. We recommend using the United States, as it has the biggest amount of surveys available. Don’t know how to change IP? Just find a free VPN on the internet. You can use a browser add-on or install an app on your phone or PC.

The offers are paid, I won't complete them.

That’s not true! All offers in our Nutaku Gold Hack are free to use and you can use them without stress. Sometimes you must use your phone number to verify that you are a human, sometimes type your details (name, address) and/or credit card. I can guarantee you that using your bank accounts/cards won’t take you any money from them. You can of course after joining the site offered, continue the subscription but if you won’t fall in love with it, you don’t need to.

Image shows a Nutaku girl amazed by our Nutaku Cheat Tool feature

Working on all systems!

We didn’t want to make an app which will be available only from your computer. So we made an online version of Nutaku Gold Hack. It’s working on all devices, all systems – Windows, Mac 0S, Linux and mobile devices too – Android, i0S, Windows Phone and many more. It’s working with every device with an internet connection!

Image shows a Nutaku girl amazed by our Nutaku Cheat Tool feature


We can guarantee you that our Nutaku Gold Hack won’t get you a ban on Nutaku account. It’s secured and 100% safe. It doesn’t matter how much gold do you add. If you are still aware, you can create a new account and check if you will get banned, but there’s no need to do that because it’s undetectable and no one will know that you got gold for free.

Image shows a Nutaku girl amazed by our Nutaku Cheat Tool feature


Our Nutaku Generator is actually for free. You can use it everytime you need and you don’t need to pay for that.
Previously our program you could get for 30$ but we think it’s better to get support from users. If you want to thank us for making the generator, just send us a little donation to our PayPal account.